Media & Entertainment

The Firm’s entertainment and media law practice is a one stop solution providing a range of services that shall swiftly and efficiently assist you with issues of a variety in scope and multidisciplinary in nature. Our firm's practice depth coupled with our awareness of clients' businesses and goals, allows us to provide advice across a wide range of legal issues for

  • Motion Pictures- agreements with screenwriters, film directors, actors, composers, production designers etc., production and post-production issues, trade union issues, distribution issues, licensing thereof; title issues, copyright issues, trademarks, scripts, endorsement and service agreements
  • Video Gaming- video game development productions, information technology law, software licensing, Copyright issues
  • Music- producer and talent agreements, copyrights issues, royalties
  • Television and Radio – broadcast licensing, regulatory issues, and mechanical license, copyright issues
  • Web Series and Digital Platforms- copyright and trademark policies, privacy issues, terms and conditions of websites, disclaimers and intellectual property issues.
  • Theatre – co-production agreement, rental agreement, artist and actor agreements
  • Publishing – advertising, author agreements, print media issues
  • Visual arts and design – consignment of artwork issues, sculptor’s moral rights, fine arts, copyrights.
  • Merchandising and other ancillary revenue generating avenues